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Zoomlaw Attorneys-At-Law provides its services for cross-border legal advice, management and dispute resolution. This includes the following: Global Patent and Trademark’s business strategy plans, management and maintenance; New set up company, investment acquisition and securities trading; Goods and services in international trade contract arrangements; Contract templates for corporations and public. In here, our service provides its court observations, legal articles and case studies for its corporation and public to view. This blog’s articles and responses do not represent our official legal advice. For legitimate review of a variety of commercial transactions, international business contract drafting and negotiations, litigations or any proceedings or hearings, patent and trademark business strategic plans in relation to which countries to apply, please contact our appointed business, litigations, trademark attorneys, patent attorneys and representatives. If you require our official response in relation to legal opinions, legal services, patent and trademark services, please contact our nearest office at +886-2-27595585 (Taipei Office), +886-3-6675569 (Hsinchu Office). E-mail: Further information about our firm, please visit: Yours Sincerely, Dr. Kuohua Fan (Managing Partner of Zoomlaw Attorney-at-Law and Patent Attorney Office).

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